Error : Activation Limit Exceeded.

Your Bulk Mockup Subscription comes with a key that can be used to activate two devices at max. If you have exhausted two activation you’ll get the error.

Please contact our support and ask for reset/generation of new key (please email our support with the email used while purchasing the plugin)

Few points to remember

1. One key will activate two times only. Two times could be on the same device or different device.

2. The key is tied to the device, Not your Adobe account. So If you wish to transfer your key to a new device, kindly contact our support.

3. Once the plugin is activated on a device,
If the plugin asks for an activation code again in the future, do not enter the key ( it will count as another activation attempt).
Instead, just reload the plugin, and the key will be automatically validated.

How to reload Bulk Mockup Plugin Watch Video