Mockups Missing in Export Folders

Question : When I check the export folder, there are only 5 exports which is just 1 of each design all applied to the same mockup (the first one). All of the other mockups are missing.  #

This problem can happen because of two reasons

Explanation 1

The problem happens because the file naming convention or the export folder location that you provided in the settings does not full-fill the unique mockup names. Bulk Mockup is exporting all the mockups, but it is getting replaced by other ones with the same name.

Watch the video below for explanation

My Output/Export folders are empty, is there a way to fix this? #

Explanation 2

The exported file name was too long. Windows and Mac operating system has limits to file name length of a file. It cannot be greater than 256 characters and cannot include special characters.

Remember in Operating System terms, the actual file name length includes the path of the file. So if you have file named “red” placed inside a folder name colors kept inside D drive.
The file name length would include “d:/colors/red.jpg”

Make judgement in your settings to make sure that the end mockup name does not go beyond 250 characters. You may use tools like advance renamer to help you rename files in bulk.

Also make sure to eliminate any unusual punctuation and special characters in the file name.